Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kool DJ E Sef

Wait for the album to drop: Saeso & Kool Dj E Sef.

King James MVP!!

This guy has so much class. 24 years old?? Some people go their whole lives minus the greatness and never achieve this kind of humility. Now THAT's an athlete who IS a role model. He deserves it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A MURS verse...

...was listening to this album today and felt inspired by some of his lyrics (from one of the best to ever make that transition to the overground)

All these rappers want to talk about is guns and dope
don’t they realize we all at the end of our rope
the future all depends on the power of our quotes
the power of a pen, the power of a vote
the power of your words, the power of your voice
the power of America is the freedom of choice
we choose to do nothing - we're losing, we're suffering

Can it be that its that time to do something?
its not socialism its not Communism
its lovin each other - realize there’s no difference
its positive movement, gradual improvement
when no one else does/believe you can do it
My heart is a speaker I bleed this music
the beats in my blood/I must transfuse it
if it wasn’t for this then I just might lose it damn

-From the track "Can It Be" from last year's Murs for President (one of my favorite albums of '08)

A little somethin' to get YOU to check for him...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Taste these with your eyes...

Here are some dope hip hop videos. Sometimes the video makes the music and sometimes music is so ill that it needs to be accompanied by visual goodies. These videos are both enjoyable to hear and view. Check'em, see which you like best. Enjoy.

This Zion I track also happens to be one of my son's favorite songs.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nobody Beats the Biz...

My son LOVES beatboxing and who better to teach him than the Biz?

"Just suck your teeth" hahahaha. Love the hat.

Biz is a damn fool! I remember seeing him DJ and he threw his belly on the record and started cutting it up like that. hahaha.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

movies, music and more...

Sometimes you just gotta stay indoors and keep yourself occupied with some quality entertainment. Especially if you have the winds we've been having. I highly recommend sitting down and enjoying the following documentary:

Peep the trailer for "This is the Life: How the West Was One"

This is like the story behind the story of some of my all time favorite artists (Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, 2Mex (Of Mexican Decent), Pigeon John...WHAT?? This is a must-see for fans of Project Blowed, Freestyle Fellowship, West Coast hip hop or just Dope Hip Hop in general. Check it.

...And have you checked out the new Electric Company??? It's not the "Hey You Guuuyyyysss!" that I remember. It's kinda ill. They have stepped it up for "the hip hop generation" Are they pirating culture? Maybe. But it's better than Mickey's Clubhouse or whatever. Check the the dope characters.

I like when he kicks kids down with the "br" sounds. He's a savvy little brotha. They get some big names to drop by too. Follow me after the text for a video from the show with Wyclef. I saw Marc Echo on there the other day too. The only disappointment is that it only comes on Friday afternoons.

My son loves it and it's better than anything else educational on TV right now. Have you seen Hip Hop Harry??? No thanks.

Want to kick back to a good album? This one came out a couple of years ago but I'm still enjoying it:

How about a good full length feature film? Here's one from last year that I enjoyed. I was mostly pulled in by the soundtrack (which happened to be the soundtrack to my life at that time). It's comical, hip and yet kinda deep too.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eat - Don't Sleep.

Been a little lazy with the blog as of late but today I want to speak on something very near and dear to my stomach...FOOD.

"It's good to be around my folks, eatin' food, tellin' jokes."
I LOVE good food. LOVE IT. I appreciate it. I don't take good food for granted. I don't take folks who know how to cook good food for granted. It's an art and it's nothing more than a transferring of energy. Don't eat much flesh so here's what I mean - Sun to plant, plant to picker, picker to cook, cook to to dish, dish to mouth, mouth to calorie, calorie as energy. Now you can put good energy into your body or bad energy. Food snob line of the year, "Fast food is bad energy." I LOVE slow food. I'm talking about that home cooked goodness prepared over positive conversation and loving energy (i.e. laughing and connecting). Nothing tastes better and nothing is better for you. I am BLESSED to have people around me that cook good and put their soul into their cooking (read WIFEY). But, I'm not above going out to eat either. If you can eat a meal and think back on that meal weeks later and it brings a smile to your face...you were either eating a good energy feast or something with hella MSG in it. Well, I've been thinking about food that I had weeks ago and I doubt it had MSG in it but I know I want more. Every time I go to San Diego I have to hit this joint up and if you're in the area you GOTTA hit it up to (Plus the owner's the homie of the homie).
One of my favorite restaurants EVER in any city that I've been to (and I've been to a lot) is KAFE YEN. http://www.kafeyen.com/ They come correct with the Thai cuisine. My non-meat eaters will love it, my carnivorous peeps will love it, my "I need some SPICE in my life" people with love it, and my I-need-something-different folks will love it too. The atmosphere is dope. Everything from traditional Thai wall hangings to VIVA DILLA pieces adorn the walls. The beats they play are on point (I took my wife out to some "Thai" spot in PHX and the jokers in there were playing some Kenny G crap - how am I supposed to eat with that going on?) Plus the owner/manager dood is good peoples. He has his own art work and art work from Pete B. of the CUF hanging up in the place. Even the bathrooms are proper!
I might also be a little biased cuz homeboy who owns it put out one of my favorite Hip Hop albums on his label. Don't sleep on this album - Deep Fried Funk Brothers "Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire" The Cuf are one of my favorite Hip Hop groups and they come with it on this album. Here's what the good people at Access Hip Hop say, "Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire is the new album from the group still better known as THE CUF! Mad G, Pete and N8 the GR8 continue to bang out nothing but that bay flavored slump with some help from their friends! Grouch, Moonrocks, Murs, Kirby Dominant, Casual and more stop by to drop some verses." The album came out on old dood's label Catz Go Round Records. Check the site at http://www.myspace.com/catzgoroundrecords Check the video for a track off the album and look out for Pete B's new album too.

Eat well friends. Let me just leave you with a recipe from one of the dopest ever - Abstract Rude.